Chapter Officers

2019-2010 Officers:

Pictured here are:

Bottom row: Shirley Thomson, Shirley Huwel, Debby Brannon, Deborah Geanuleas

Top row: Linda Klages, Sharon McIlhenney, Joanne Everett and Martha Hazen


2017 Officers:

Regent --   Martha Hazen
First Vice Regent --   Deborah Brannon
Second Vice Regent --  Wynn Legault
Chaplain --   Deborah Geanuleas
Recording Secretary --  Shirley Thomson
Corresponding Secretary --  Susan Alexander
Treasurer --  Sharon McIlhenney
Registrar --  Shirley Huwel
Historian --  Joanne Everett
Librarian --  Carolyn Moran DePalma



2016 Officers:

Regent --                           Shirley A. Thomson
First Vice Regent --             Martha J. Hazen
Second Vice Regent --        Wynn Legault
Chaplain --                         Carolyn Moran DePalma
Recording Secretary --         Kay Coffey
Corresponding Secretary --   Susan Alexander
Treasurer --                        Michele Robinson
Registrar --                         Susan Smoktunowicz
Historian --                          Lynne Cason
Librarian --                          Nancy Gase
Parliamentarian --                Sandra Johnson
Honorary Chapter Regent -   Virginia Hassenflu

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