Our Patriots



Key For Patriot Service

Armr: Armorer
Capt: Captain
Col: Colonel
Cpl: Corporal
CS: Civil Service
Ens: Ensign
Lt: Lieutenant
LCOL: Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Cdr: Lieutenant Commander
Maj: Major
Noncom: Non-commissioned Officer
PS: Patriot Service
Pvt: Private
Sgt: Sergeant
Sol: Soldier (no details known)
Wgn: Wagoneer

Oliver Ferris, Lt. Cdr.
Jonathan Emmons, Pvt.
Asa Harris, Pvt.
Wakeman Hull, Sol.
Timothy Page, Pvt.
George Palmer Ransom, Pvt.
Samuel Ransom, Capt.
Ahmiaaz Sherwin, Noncom
John Sumner, PS

Philip Barrett, CS, PS
James R. Bell, Lt.

Elisha Anderson, PS
Cary Curry, Pvt.
Ignatius Few, Maj.
Alexander Douglass, Sol., PS
Benjamin Manning, Jr., Sol.

Francois Enoul De Livaudias, PS

Robert Scrogin, Ens.
George Tucker, Pvt.

John Balcom, Pvt.
Michah Balcom, Pvt.
Joseph Boynton, Lt.
David Burroughs, Pvt.
Ebenezer Cleveland, Staff Officer
Job Colburn, Pvt.
Peter Cushing, Capt.
Jonathan Doane, CS
Frederick Cushing, Pvt.
John Ford, Capt.
Thomas Ford, PS
Reuben Gray, PS
Enoch Greenleaf, Pvt.
Gideon Harlow, PVT
Nehjemiah Ide, Sgt.
Loomis Kellogg, Pvt.
John Kingman, Pvt.
Jeremiah Needham, Sgt.
David Newcomb, CS, PS
Edmund Parker, Sr., PS
Nathaniel Parker, Pvt.
Henry Putnam, Sr., Sol.
Ahmiaaz Sherwin, Noncom
Banjamin Sikes, Pvt.
Benjamin Studley, CS, PS
Phineas Slayton, Cpl.
Joseph Sterns, Sgt.
John Stetson, Pvt.
Thomas Stetson, Pvt.
Eliab Studley, Pvt.
Joseph Vining, Cpl.
Isaac Wheeler, Sgt.
Samuel Witmarsh, Pvt.

New Hampshire:.
Asa Harris, Pvt.

New Jersey:
John Bayles, PS
Thomas Brooks, Pvt.
Thomas Clark, Capt. PS
Henry Delatush, Lt.
Lawrence DeMott
David Gilman, WGN
John Jaggers, Pvt.
Robert Montgomery, PS
Samuel Potts, Pvt.
John Rambo, PS
Samuel Reading, Maj.  PS
James Sayers, Pvt.
Joseph Snyder, Lt.
Amos Thatcher, Pvt.
Nicholas Van Wickle, PS
John Jaggers, Pvt.

New York:
William Bellinger, Cpl.
James Gunsalus, Pvt.
John George Hohenschild, Pvt.
William Teed, Jr., Pvt.

North Carolina:
Hezekiah Alexander, PS
Thomas Amis, Patriotic Service
Elihu Ayer, Sgt.
Leonard Keeling Bradly, Lt.
James Carroll, Pvt.
Johann Anton Castner, Pvt.
George Coble, PS
Evan Ellis, PS
Thomas Gillespie, Sol.
Ignatius Hall, PS
Jesse Hayes, CS, PS
Thomas Holman, PS
Isacc Johnson, Pvt.
Benjamin Manning, Sr, Sol., PS
Francis Merrick, Pvt.
Henry Mills, PS
George Ridley, Pvt., PS
Charles Seale, CS
Sands Stanley, PS
Lazarus Solomon, Pvt.
Stevenson Solomon, Jr., Drummer
Stevenson Solomon, Sr, Sol.
John Strope, PS
Daniel Sutherland, Pvt.
Green Thatch, Pvt.
Jacob Van Hooke, Sgt.
James Wahab, CS, PS, Sol.
Media White, Pvt.

Christian Ankney, Sr., PS, Lt
Henry Banta, PS.
Jacob Beidleman, Pvt.
Nicholas Biesecker, Pvt.
James Calhoun, PS
Peter DeHaven, Pvt.
Peter Ealer, CS, PS
William Frampton, PS, Pvt.
Anthony Hinkle, Ens.
James Holmes, Lt.
John Landis, PS
James Martin, Capt.
John Martin Mickley, Pvt.
William Millikan, CS
James Moore, LCOL
Christian Mowry, Pvt.
George Reasing, Col., CS
Clement Rule, Pvt.
Joseph Watts, Sol.
George Wells, Pvt.
Richard Wells, Pvt.

South Carolina:
William Deason, Capt.
Andrew DuBose, Capt.
Thomas Calloway, Sr., PS
Barbara Magdalene Wagner Hiers, PS
Jacob Green, Sol.
John Hillson, Sol.
John McCain, PS
Peter Hubbard, Lt.
John McMahon, Pvt.
John McQueen, Capt., CS, PS
Robert Purnell, Sol.
Luke Whitfield, Capt.
William Witherington, PS

Spanish America:
Francisco Ruiz Del Canto, PS

Hezekiah Atkins, Sr., Pvt.
Blache Mercher Babb, Pvt.
Thomas Bass, Pvt.
Michael Blue, Pvt.
Zachariah Broyles, Sol.
Henry Carter, Pvt.
John Cash, Pvt.
John Dishman, PS
William Estes, PS
Richard Gaines, Pvt.
Jacob Greider, Pvt.
Peter Francisco, Pvt.
Robert Gillespie, PS
David Haddon, PS
Richard Hill, PS
Robert Kay, PS
Thomas Lackey, PS
Timothy Logan, Pvt.
John Morton, Captain
David Murray, Pvt.
Giles Newton, PS
George Ridley, Pvt., PS
John H. Stratton, Sol.
Benjamin Taliaferro, Maj., PS
Sylvester Tipton, PS
Absolom Towler, PS
Christian Vineyard, PS
Joel Watkins, CS, PS, Col.
Richard Wells, PS
Adam Wetzel, PS
John Wheeler, Lt.
James Wood, Capt.


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